Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tiny House Sketches

I've decided to build my own tiny house on wheels! For years I have been working to achieve a more self-sufficient life style. I have long had the dream of tiny house, large garden and the skills to create and barter the necessities in life. I spent 10 years traveling, learning and working, but never establishing roots. Then one day I realized I was a single 31 year old who had to move back into my parents' house to finish grad school, with no long term job security and not financially secure enough to take out a mortgage. You start thinking of alternatives. The whole tiny house movement is fascinating and exciting to me and I have been following it for years. So why not. And I'll get to hone my construction skills along the way.

I am planning to get the 24' long trailer this next week (or at least put in the order) and to start construction this Memorial Day weekend. Below are the first drafts of the final design. (There were many initial designs as I have been obsessively working in this for months now.) Now that I actually have the windows I have been working on the final drawing, including framing and electrical. 

This view is of the half loft. I needed to find storage space for my art and photography supplies. That combined with my complete lack of grace pretty much ensured that I needed to design a bed that I could reach easily. I also figured that I could forgo a bench seat in the living area since I can easily curl up with a book on my bed. The ikea draw leaf table and my old art trunk can easily fit in under the loft, framed by the built in bookcase. The small closet space will be at the foot of the bed. 

My friend Dawn and her husband generously scored me a free french door (which will actually switch places with the living space window and is taller than the drawing so there is no transom) The shower is a 32x24 rv shower. This wall is about 9' high.

Originally I thought I would have my bed frame tilt up for easy storage access, but then the bed base would need to be bigger to accommodate for clearances. Primary heat will be from a tiny wood stove, the cape cod from navigator stove works. The wall is about 7' high. There will have to be insulation though between that and the fridge, which is separated by a skinny wall. I love to bake so I plan on having a magic chef 3 burner range. Toilet will be the lovable loo and the house will be wired for 12 volt dc, the plan being that solar or wind will become my power source in the future. For now I will be plopping this down on my folks property until I can afford my own land. 

So there it is. If you have any suggestions let me know.

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